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YEAR 13 Tuesday 29th January
January 29, 2013, 1:52 pm
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Meiosis links


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Comment by rosiepatterson

Hey Team,
Above is a link to a webpage that features microscopic images of the stages of meiosis. However, the resolution of the images is not very good, so I’d recommend the link Rosie has posted.

Below is a link to a video concerning what we have learnt in today’s lesson. Whilst it is not perfect, it certainly reinforces what we’ve learnt about meiosis, with a touch of (maybe unintentional) humour.

Comment by benjamincharlespatterson

Comment by bethanysmith2012 some of the words used are specific to the organism, but you can clearly see all the stages!

Comment by eniolasalau

Comment by hasssankhan

Comment by frankiebarrick

found a really interesting video of the procress of meiosis!

Comment by alexandracoupe

Comment by aliciacork

Comment by hamzamahmud

hope this links to the meiosis image and not the mitosis image

Comment by erinmeredithh

Quite a good animation, an you can skip between the stages using their names on the left.

Comment by jonathanfunnell

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