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Monday 14th January Section 2
January 16, 2013, 12:20 am
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B and T cells


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T cells- found in bone marrow and matures in thymus gland
T cells are either T killer or T helper cells
T Killer- Hunt foreign antigens and inject toxic substances to kill them.
Must go through clonal selection to find right t cell for right antigen
Once found it goes through clonal expansion by mitosis to replicate
It then kills infected cells

T helper- Regulate immune system
Bind to APC
Release cytokines
B and T killer cells have Cytokine receptors
Stimulate T killer and B cells

B cells- originate and mature in bone marrow
Plasma and memory cells are the two types
Tertiary 3D structure
Found in tissue not blood
Takes long to find by clonal selection
Clonial expansion from mitosis
Once they find right antigen they can differentiate from plasma and memory
Plasma cells release antibodies and last for 2/3 days
Memory cells last for a long time

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