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Wednesday 12th December Section 2
December 12, 2012, 1:47 pm
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BMI, Balanced diet, obesity


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Balance Diet- Contains all the nutrients required for health in appropriate proportions.

1) Fats/lipids- Energy storage (stored in Adipose tissue), makes cell membranes and hormones, provides buoyancy in animals and humans, insulation, protects vital organs.

2) Carbohydrates- energy source- excess glucose stored as glycogen in humans, sugars- quick energy release.

3) Proteins- Building and repairing muscles- supplies amino acids to ribosomes for protein synthesis to take place. Hormones, antibodies and enzymes are made from protein.

4) Water- Good for Transport, good solvent (gases can diffuse in and out). Needed for metabolic reactions

5) Vitamins- Vitamin C (boosts immune system), Vitamins are used in vital metabolic processes (body cannot synthesize vitamins, must be provided from food and drink).

6) Minerals- iron, sodium, zinc, calcium etc.. iron is needed because it provides the ‘haem’ group in haemoglobin which is needed in order to transport oxygen. Calcium is needed because it strengthens bones and teeth for example.

7) Fibre- Needed to keep peristalsis muscles stay healthy, also gives the muscles some mass to bind to.

Malnutrition- In balanced diet of nutrients which are not consumed in appropriate proportions.

can lead to- being severely underweight
being severely overweight


BMI=mass (kg)/ (height)2 (m)

BMI- statistical measure of an individual’s scaled weight according to his/her height.


-BMI is a useful tool for quickly assessing weight classification.
-You do not have to be of an exact weight or measurement, to be considered ‘normal.’ There is a range within each classification to allow for different body types and shapes.


-Doesn’t take into account where fats are e.g around organs (visceral fats)
-Doesn’t take into account muscle composition
-Doesn’t take into account age
-Doesn’t take into account sex

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