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12D Homework – Protoctists
November 9, 2012, 2:53 pm
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they have autotrophic/heterotrophic nutrition. that is to say, some are parasites, some photosynthesize, some ingest prey and some feed using extracellular enzymes

Comment by halima101

they are mostly free living, with various plant and animal-like features, however what unites them mainly is that they do not qualify for any other kingdom

Comment by jakepalmer1

Protoctists are eukaryotes, are mostly single-celled and show various animal/plant like features.

Comment by Deelan Vadher

Large proportion of protoctists live in aquatic environments (e.g. algae).

Comment by danialnaqvi

Protoctista are non-nucleaic and the kingdom is defined by exclusion, the organisms that don’t fit into the other categories are placed in protoctista

Comment by bensubhani

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