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Monday 15th October Section 1
October 15, 2012, 6:55 am
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The Emulsion test and Water


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Emulsion Test:
Add around 2cm^3 of olive oil to 2cm^3 of ethanol in a test tube. Shake.
As a control, add 2cm^3 of water to 2cm^3 of ethanol in a separate test tube. Shake.
The oil test tube gave a positive result as it turned into a milky white emulsion.

Water molecules are polar; the Hydrogen atoms are delta + and the Oxygen atoms are delta -. The molecules are joined together by hydrogen bonds between the Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms. Water has many properties which aid the survival of many organisms, including:
-Polar molecule.
-Liquid at r.t.p.
-High heat capacity.
-Cohesive and Adhesive (Surface tension).
-Useful in solid, liquid and gaseous states.

Comment by zeemitha

This is a good website about the importance of the hydrogen bonds in water:,articleId-24938.html

Comment by eilishsmyth

useful website explaining the emulsion test in detail:

Comment by roobennithi

this is a quality video for revising tests

Comment by stefansoyombo

this video is for those who want a clearer understanding of hydrogen bonding perhaps
useful 😀

Comment by stefansoyombo

a list of many important things water does around the world

Comment by harveervirk6196

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