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Monday 1st October Section 1
September 29, 2012, 6:29 pm
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useful revision page for proteins-

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Using a colorimeter with reducing sugars:
1. Add Benedicts solution
2. Place in a water bath at 80ºC for 5 minutes
3. Observe colour change: solution will turn from blue, green, yellow, orange to brick red
4. Take a control test
5. Calibrate the colorimeter using distilled water ( the colorimeter should have a red filter)
6. measure the transmission/absorption
7. Plot a graph of your results- the line formed is a calibration curve.

NB: test should be repeated around 5 times for the known concentration, and once for the unknown concentration.
To find out the unknown concentration percentage, use the measured transmission value and read off the graph.

Where proteins are found in the body: Enzymes

Amino acids are the monomers of a protein

A protein molecule contains three groups: Amine group, Variable group, Carboxyl group

Two protein molecules can be joined by a condensation reaction, which forms a Peptide bond.
This molecule is now a Dipeptide molecule, which has a primary structure, also shown as 1º.
This primary structure is a specific sequence of amino acids joined by a peptide bond to form a polypeptide

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Very sexy summary of majority of things done this year

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